Story About sponsor children

Munhammed K Sanneh 

Date of birth 03-08-2001 sponsord by Henk Laterveer & Carin Laterveer - Bol We get his list today, he is doing now IT classes en his wish is to come a prof Footballer. He is living with 2 on ther Family compound in Busura, He has elders a younger brother with his mother en father en have Goats en Hens as animals on de question is what is that what your family realy need , Yes my family need help en especially me really nee a help. En nobody needs medical attention. He favorite subject on school is English Language en he loves to hear Afro music. He can not swim buth her really want to lurn it.

Munhammed O Sanneh

Date of birth 29-08-2022 sponsord by Robin Kroese He is going to de Apple Tree School en 12 th Grade. He want to be a Footballer. He is living with his Parents in Busura, en have no animals on de question is what is that what your family realy need, wash his answer Nothing. En nobody needs medical attention. His favorite subject on school is Mathematics en he loves to hear Reggae music.

Dodou Sanneh

Date of birth 27-12-2003 Sponsord by Annabella Van der Burch He is going to de Senior Seconary School Grade 12 Technical. When he is finished he want to do de IT Option. En his big dream is come to be a footballer. He lives on de Family Compound of Justice en they are with 12. They family is ok en dont need much, buth they need help to improve de Family background. Yes they need medical attention @ Justice. His favorite Subject is Technical Drowing? They have goats, sheep end hen's. He likes a lot to play football. He dont can't swim buth he like it en really want to lurn that en he lissen to afro music that he like the most. Abdoulie Justice Sanneh & Annabella Van der Burch

Munhummed Sanneh (brother of Dodou)

Date of Birth 03-08-2001 sponsord by Henk Laterveer & Carin Laterveer - Bol He stury IT now African information Technology Holdings Basic, he just started en like it a lot. His favorite subect is IT Computer. He live in Busura on they Familye compound with 12 poeple, his family he say. He say they need medical help en needs on de compound. They have also sheep, goats en hen's. Hey love to play football with his friends. He can not swim buth realy want to lurn that. He play also a lot football when he can. He likes music a lot, like Dancehall, Gambian vibes en Afrobeats.

Hawa & Adama Deheba

Sponsord by Peter Tanghe & Petra De Mits

Adama en Awa go to de premary school 1 th grade en iff they are finished school they wanted to go to collage iff it is possible en they are staying in Kerewan with 10 poeple in ther compound. What de family need is food en de compound have a problem with de roof. De Father & Mother have bolth problems with there health ... gasparm.

Halimatou Fadara

Sponsord by Jaap Schellingerhout en Nel Hoogenes 

Halimatou is staying in Kerewan en go to de Primary school grade 4 th en she want if its is possible to go to collage. She live in a compound with 6 poeple. In her familie they dont need medical helps everybody is ok. We asked them wat is youre familie needed, de answer is also food stuff en school materials.

Corkodou Jarju

Date of birth 11-11-2003

sponsord by Henk Laterveer & Carin Laterveer - Bol She go to de Penyem Senior Secondary School 12 arts (one)

After her school she want school college of Nusering she want to be a doctor. She lives in een compounf with 9 poeple, en have no animals. En de family needed nothing, ther is nobody i need for medical help. En her Favorite subject on school is Arabic. She likes to practice a sport en thats Football en she love to lurn to swim. She can not for de moment. She dont like to lissen to music.

Yaya Kujabi

He go tot de Arabic school 4 th Grade en when he is finished with school he want to be a teacher. He live with 9 poeple on there compound. The family dont need much he told us. Nobody is sick every thing go ok. They have no animals on ther compound. His favorite subject on school is English. For sports he like to play football. He can not swim en dont having intrest to lurn that. En he dont lissen to music.

Sanna Sanneh

Date of birth 18-03-2016 Sponsord by Sharon Burger She go to de Busura Arabid school en do de nursery school grade 3 th. She want to be a Teacher. She stay in there compoubd with 9 poeple. They are all good in de compound en dont need help or medical helps.

Her favorite subject on school is Arabic lessons. They dont have animals on there compound. En she love to play foorball to. She can not swim buth she realy want to lurn that to. Then tehy can sometimes go on sunday ad de beach. She dont like to lissen tot music.

Yasona Cham

Sponsord by Geert Snoeijs Yasona go to de Daranka primary school en go to grade 3 what she wanted to do after school is to go studie-collage if that is possible? She live with 5 poeple in there compound. Whe asked what de family needed, her answer is Food, clothes en Busnis. Whe wish we good make that happen. Its hard de last times, buth she is very happy de schoolmoney comes. Medial problems they have, her brother have stomach problems en a lot of headache he need to go to de hospital for exame. Whe asked is there anything where we can help youre family with. Her answer is whe need to complete the building.

Enus Manneh

Sponsord by Annelies Dom he en his brother Abdou next to him on de picture, are staying in Makumbaya they go to de Koujem school en do 1 th Grade iff they ar ready with school en there is a possibility to go to collage he want to be a doctor In ther compound they live with 10 poeple. They family need are food stuffs, de mum en dad have bolth heart problems. What they need is money to start ther one busnis, thats what they need.

Alfusainy Tamba

Sponsord by Ally Harmony

He go to de primary school grade 1 his wish is going to study lather iff there are sponsors or money for in de family. In de Compound they are with 8 poeple totaly. Whe asked them what de family needs, food, clothes en materies for in bad. 1 of his family have hip problems. Ther house is realy bad en they need to look for a nother house.

Kumba Jah

Sponsord by Simon Laan

This is mij first family where i go home in 2016, her everything started. Kumba had a big bule above her eye.

It wash lovely to see her again en wauw her mum studied englishe en Kumba lurned a lot on school en we good talk also. De last time many years ago she only cried. Now she is a big girl. She go to de Nursery school en in 3 th grade already. Kumba have big school plans if it is possible en she have a sponsor she want to go to collage. She is also a big sister now, het little sister Tide Jah 03-03-2021 en this month they expected a new brother or sister. She live with 9 poeple in her compound, the family needs are food stuff. Lamin has skin problems en need to go to a docter to.

Safiyato Tamba

Sponsord by Geert Snoeijs she go to de primary school 4 th Grade, she wanted to try if she can go to study, if she have opportunuty for that. They lives with 6 poeple in there compound. On de question what de family needs, she answering food stuffs en clothes. I de compound nobody needs medical helps. Matrasses that will be a verry good thing for them what they have now is realy not good.

Whe asked what whe can do better for de charity to help. She said Food help en taxi cost help.

Kaddy Jallow

Sponsord by Nicky Schellingerhout & Richard Speel, she is de sister of Ibrahima Jallow. She go to de arabic school 2 th grade en she realy try to go to collage lather. In there compound they stay with 8 mum en dad en 6 kids. De family needs are Food, water, clothes en matrasses. Anything where we can help by she said, food, en iff there is a phone what can on whatsapp i will be verry happy. On de question, can you give us tips or idears, she said everything is perfectly arranged. Wauw so sweet

Awa Jah of Kaddy Sonko

Sponsord by Evy Vaes & Geert De Craecker

She go to de primary school grade 4 en her dream is to go to collage. They live in a compound with 12 poeple. For Family help they need food stuffs. They need mamalria treathment. En de new born baby Ansumana Sonko to

Essa Badjie,

Sponsord by Ralph Massaar en he is going to de Nigirian International School (Nis) in 5 th Grade. He go 5 days a week to school en he do extra study Classes. Whe live in a Extended big Family, en me and my family really need a better and confortable life he sad. For de midical health yes hi s grandmum is having a very complicated blood issue (High Bloodpr) Essa like sometimes to lissen music buth more to plat football, he can not swim but really want to lurn that. En his dad has a dog he said haha. His favorite subject on school is English.

Ebrima Jammen

Sponsors by Nicky Schellingerhout & Richard Speel brother of Yunus also in our sponsor program en dont have a sponsor yet. Ebrima go to de Junior school in Grade 8 he realy hope he can go to collage. In there compound they stay with 8 persons, the family needs are food. Mum has heart problems, buth no medical documents. Hey need exicersie books en shoes size 41 Nicky Schellingerhout & Richard Speel arrangend this before they going home. Nice with mum.

Fatoumatta Jatta

Sponsord by Jaap Schellingerhout & Nel Hoogenes

What a greath girls she is. Wauw so prouwd She going to de junior school en go to grade 8 th she want to go to collage to be a journalist. She lives in there compound with 5 what they need is Money, shoes, bike, school stuffs. The extra help she needs for extra education. This girls realy want to make something of her carriere.

Sadibou Jallow,

Sponsord by Geert Snoeijs

GTMI Foundation ( information Technology) IT

En he want to go to de university.

He lives in a coumpound with de mother of Alieu

He need a laptop for his study.

Medical help yes for Mum she has a big bule in het bellie.

She need to go to de hospital buth there is no money for that. Next time when we go back we go look if whe can help with that.

Fatou Badjie

Sponsord by Ives Van Mol & Daniëlle Stalmans From her whe have already de picture fo de schoolfees, en whe receive de letter. She go to de Bakoteh Layout Sunrise Centre 3 th Grade she go every saturday en sundays to study classes. She is living with 7 people in de compound en with her 8 hahah. With aunts, moms, uncles en grandmothers. She need better education, food, cloathes en help with house rent. She said Anna her mom needs medical help buth whe have no news about that. English is her favorite Subject on school, she likes to swim buth she had no lessons, she realy want to lurn that. They have goats ad de compound en she realy like rap music. Thank you

Yuspuha Sanneh

Sponsord by Ann Vd Burch-van Lingen & Ben He is going to de Deeper Life Nursery School 1 th Grade. He is living with 6 in there compound with his brothers en sisters en bolth his parents. They realy neer someone who will take care of them and suport de education up to de university level. His favorite school subject is English, he likes to playfootball, likes to lissen to music en can not swim buth want to lurn that as well. They have 1 cat ad de compound to. Whe dont receive de Photo yet.