Still looking for sponsors for these children under the guidance of Justice Abdoulie Sanneh

Kumba Jean date of birth is 03-08-17

Biran Njie date of birth is


Njoy Barry date of birth is 21-09-2020

Yamato Njie date of birth is 03-04-2021

Kani Njie date of birth is 02-10-2009

Amie Njie date of birth is 03-03-2017

Isatou Kujabi date of birth is 24-11-2007

Modou Lamin Kujabi date of birth 16-07-2014

Oumie Kujabi date of birth is 29-11-2021

Ebrima Kujabi date of birth is 31-07-2015

Fatoumatta Kujabi date of birth is


Mariama Kujabi date of birth is 30-09-2018

Fatima Jawo date of birth 21-09-2019

Samba Sanneh 

Musa Sanneh date of birth 16-01-2017

Landing Sanneh date of birth 10-02-2002.

Musa Sanyang

Aminata Bangura date of birth  05-10-2012

Olimatou 15 years & Ida Badjie 17 years

Oumie 01-10-2022

Agie Awa Gaye 16-04-2020 

Juma Fadia born 11-09- 2015 end she go to Kunkujang lower basic school 

Gibril Jammeh 17-11-2003

Mariama Jobe date of birth  03-09-2015

Her name is Mariama jobe she is 6 years old and she is attending st Joseph ex people's primary school none as ndows she is in primary 1. She is born 03-09-2015. She is de daughter of Dadou her Sister.

Alkasim Jallow date of birth  18-04-2013

Ebrima Sonko 

Banna Jarju date of birth 25-09-2010

Ousainou Ceesey date of birth 19-06-2017

Mariamma Bojang date of birth 29-03-2019

Sarathy Saidy 05-09-2021

Sainabou Seye 05-02-2010

Banna Jarju 25-09-2010

Alhagie Njogu Jarju 16-01-2015

Maimuna Sanneh date of birth 10-10-2004

Famara Sanneh 

Sulayman Jajrju date of birth 08-01-2007

Hadijatou Ndure date of birth 16-01-2016

Saikou Omar Manneh date of birth 14-02-2007

Ansuma Jarju date of birth 16-08-2005

Yaya Dardoe date of birth 12-09-2011 

Alaghie Darboe date of birth 12-02-2018

Ida Badjie 8 years old Sinchu Alagie Primary school Grade 2

Fatima Gaye 07-12-2021

Fatou Gaye 26-05-2017