We are a small non-profit organization (non-profit association),

started in 17-11-2018. As a small non-profit organization we are completely dependent on donations. Your Gifts. Because without your support we cannot continue our activities in The Gambia. You can read all about our achievements on this website. These projects were all done with the support of people like you. Please help us There are 3 ways to help us. You can become a member of our association. For barely 10 euros per year you are a real International helps Gambia friend. You can support our projects with a small contribution or material help. Or you can sponsor a child. We can do a lot for just 26 cents a day. And we give a Gambian child a chance for a better life. We as a non-profit association, a small association, can guarantee that all help will arrive 100% on site. All donations, material aid and sponsor money are spent on only one goal


New Projects 2022-2023 Busura,

  • Elektra poles and Elektra wire installed by the government (and the fence of the vegetable garden) We will look to connect the school to Elektra if possible. The works of the Government has been going on for almost 2 years now and we have followed it closely. Last December, cables were laid everywhere, but nothing was operational yet, we have not yet had any reports that money was needed to install the meters in order to then use the grid.
  • Hopefully 2023 Water problem Busura, started August 2022, We have started repairs etc. to provide the entire village with water again. The quote is more than € 6000, = euros, We have transferred € 1000, = from our clothing sales and we will see how we can guide this further. https://gofund.me/528dc423
  • Sewing machines Busura Lower Basic project, already brought machines and still starting December 2022
  • Draw “ art “ School project, still starting December 2022


Ongoing Projects: 2022-2023


School Lower Basic in Busura Village Busura, Electricity poles, We will look into connecting the school to electricity if possible. The works of the Government has been going on for almost 2 years now and we have followed it closely. Last December, cables were laid everywhere, but nothing was operational yet, we have not yet had any reports that money was needed to install the meters in order to then use the grid. Hopefully 2023 Painting project Self-reliance/income On request, an elaboration has been set up to encourage school-going children to develop a high(er) degree of self-reliance, in such a way that income can be generated from this. · Painting canvases · Create greeting cards · Create Art, Art, African Gallery · Sale of the artworks · Sales in the Netherlands and Belgium · Use the proceeds again to improve the school · Objective to find “Hidden Talents”, to develop further, to be able to turn it into a larger project.


Annex A – Self-Reliance/Income On request,

An elaboration has been set up to encourage school children, but also the local population, to develop a high(er) degree of self-reliance, in such a way that income can be generated from this. For the time being, we assume four parts:

Further design and management of a good library Expanding the school gardens project Education in manual labor skillful parts Setting up a local medical doctor's post


Annex B – Self-Reliance/Income

During our visit to the school at the end of Dec 2021, we specifically looked again at the income side for the school, in the context of better independence after the realization of our project. In addition to what is mentioned in Annex A, some new insights and simpler options have also come to light: Expanding the school gardens project Setting up a local medical doctor's post Sewing workshop equipment - Herb and spice grinder Continued involvement of International Helps Gambia



  • For safety, the structural condition of the building will first have to be restored to create good conditions for teaching, and also to ensure a healthy and pleasant lens environment. Repair of roof, walls and floors will be given high priority. An important part is of course also the hygienic condition of the project, and the sanitary facilities will have to be tackled for this. Another building tackle. There are 3 of which 12 are classrooms. For more than 550 children.
  • Restoration of the zinc corrugated roof Repairing the cracked/damaged walls exterior painting; facades and frames Painting floors, interior walls, windows and doors Equipment To help teachers provide good and responsible education, they must have good teaching materials and good accommodation.
  • First, the blackboards will be repaired or replaced, they are currently virtually unusable. Each classroom will also have to have good lockable cupboards, so that the teaching material does not 'disappear' or detract from its quality.
  • Furthermore, repair and refurbish the tables and benches that are there, and if necessary to supplement them. Repair blackboards (hang up, renew) Repair benches, tables and chairs (several new tables and chairs realized) Bureau Director renew ceiling and repair windows, painting



The current very spacious library space will be split into a space for multiple functions; the library will return as a sufficiently facilitated space in which books occupy a prominent place. To guarantee quality, a librarian will be appointed, who will also be involved in some additional activities, as we do not expect that a full-time job can be linked to this at the moment. With regard to the teaching material, it can simply be said that it is not there. Many of the children come from poor families and cannot afford anything; going to school is already quite something and should continue to be encouraged. Notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, chalk, etc. are important tools and indispensable for following a good education. English books for the library are missing. Purchase school supplies permanent necessary Purchase teaching and presentation material Purchase books Termite Problem Closed cabinets


School fees Project

Every 3 months School fees payments for our 55 children paid the school fees Study Project IT Study Project

Now for 3 adults Realized 2020-2021

En closure Busura Lower Basic School gardens project, brick wall 2 meters high and repairs carried out in old part. The fence was with a wooden post, but the crop was always eaten and the Cashew nuts were stolen.


  • Busura Lower Basic school we donated 9 x 2-piece school desks set by Alexander Orthopedics and the shipment, the donations got off to a slow start, but nothing to complain about and wine as a non-profit organization supplemented the rest and we placed it in Gambia during our stay.
  • Mac Donald Slide December 2021 placed in the schoolyard.
  • Sewing machines Individual Gambians offered self-reliance by handing out sewing machines and helped a Shelter for women with sewing machines after completing their studies to be able to start working immediately.
  • Wheelchair project with us Collaboration with Care4mobility, Merlijn & Alexander Orthopedics Serrakunda Labor hospital,
  • January 2022 helped with a printer, blood pressure monitor, medication, thermometers, duck beaks, maternity materials, lots of baby clothes, Also able to arrange an ultrasound machine in collaboration with Caring4mobility and another association.
  • Super cool Sanyang, pregnant teens shelter start to help set up. With Spanish Charity Organization.
  • IT Continued Project Started with Anna Sanneh 06-02-2021 to 09-06-2021 and passed 1st degree. We will continue to sponsor her to continue her education. Anna is a mother of 2 children and would like to return to work, hence re-entry and re-school training.
  • School fees Project Last year, 59 children received school fees to learn in The Gambia.

How can you help us?

  • You can become a member of our VZW € 15.00 per year
  • You can donate a school package € 2.50 (2 notebooks, pencils, sharpener and ruler)
  • You can take a sponsor child € 10.00 per month, the family of is supported.
  • You can buy a banana box yourself (€ 10 per banana box) via our Benegambia nr 100 collection point.
  • One-off donation, with more than € 40.00 it is tax deductible.
  • Can you make us happy with items from the list below and/or Make your family and acquaintances enthusiastic about our projects and/or give presentations at school.
  • Collection of clothing, shoes, tools, toiletries, etc. Publicize in some way by, for example, placing a link from our site in regional magazines/club magazines.
  • Do you support our actions?
  • Have you become enthusiastic about all this and do you want to support Gambia with us?


INTERNATIONAL HELPS GAMBIA (Non-profit association)
Rue Fleurie 45 6941 Bomal-sur-Ourthe Belgium
BE46 0018 5629 2636 T.A.V International Helps Gambia O.V.V  GIFT
IHG's enterprise number is 0718.918.072
International Helps Gambia
Address: Face 1, Gam Juice Junction, Brusubi,
Gambia Phone: +220 792.1966 Bank Account: 01611085188201
Comp.No.: GMB 2019/C8966
Signed founders:
VAN DER BURCH Annabella, Rue Fleurie 45, 6941 Bomal-sur-Ourthe, Belgium (Chairman),
SCHELLINGERHOUT Nicoliene, Jacobus Pieter Thijssestraat 13 2771 HT, Boskoop, The Netherlands (Treasurer),
SPEELRichard, Jacobus Pieter Thijssestraat 13, 2771 HT, Boskoop, The Netherlands (Secretary),
SANNEH Abdoulie, Face 1, Bursuby, Kololi, Gambia (Member of the Council of The Gambia).
Meeting of November 17, 2018, agreed to establish the VZW INTERNATIONAL HELPS GAMBIA, in short IHG and adopted the following statutes.